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intellectual capital meaning: the value of all the knowledge and ideas of the people in an organization, a society, etc.: . Learn more. ..
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Intellectual capital is the intangible value of a business. This includes anything that isn't physical that adds to the productive capacity of a firm. The following are the primary types of intellectual capital.
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Intellectual Capital: Intellectual property is the value of a company or organization's employee knowledge, skills, business training or any proprietary information that may provide the company ...
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Intellectual capital is the intangible value of a business, covering its people (human capital), the value relating to its relationships (relational capital), and everything that is left when the employees go home (structural capital), of which intellectu
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PDF | Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to develop a conceptual framework that can be used to formalise a reporting model for intellectual capital (IC). Design/methodology/approach – This ... ..
What Is Intellectual Capital?
What Is Intellectual Capital? Mikael Ahlgren, Ph.D. (candidate) Abstract The transformation of Las Vegas from the domestic center of gaming to the future global command center ofthe gaming industry is an ambitious undertaking. The city of Houston, Texas s ..
INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL: A CRITICAL APPROACH ON DEFINITIONS AND CATEGORIZATION 58 capital and on the other hand, the book value suffers both the influence of accounting system and international accounting standards. The objective of this paper is to analyze
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intellectual capital differs from intangibles, intangible assets or intellectual property. This briefing will follow the approach adopted by the Meritum guidelines for managing and reporting on intangibles and will use intangibles and intellectual capital ..
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intellectual capital definition: the value of all the knowledge and ideas of the people in an organization, a society, etc.: . Learn more. ..
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What is Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) Intellectual Capital is defined as all knowledge within an organisation which has the potential to create value when applied in line with the mission, vision and goals of the organisation. It refers to the int

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Definition of intellectual capital in the dictionary. Meaning of intellectual capital. What does intellectual capital mean? Information and translations of intellectual capital in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on t
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Intellectual capital is the technical expertise and process knowledge contained within an organization. If intellectual capital gives an organization a significant competitive advantage, it is entirely possible that a large portion of the firm's v ..
What is Intellectual Capital & Why Does it Matter?
A recent research paper makes a very simple argument: financial capital fundamentally relies on intellectual capital. This simple statement has the potential to make an astounding difference to how we think about online learning. But what is intellectual ..
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Intellectual capital management’s definition is multidimensional and it involves a lot of different processes and actions. For this reason, finding one clear definition for the ICM is quite hard. Asia Pacific Intellectual Capital Centre defines on i ..
DIC Direct intellectual capital methods (for measuring intellectual capital) DMSTI Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation IC Intellectual capital ICAEW Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales ICD Intellectual capital disclos ..
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Continue Reading About intellectual capital describes itself as "The World's Intellectual Capital Exchange." Knowledge, Inc. is a Web site for executives interested in "knowledge and intellectual capital m ..
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What is intellectual capital? This is a term that refers to the intangible value of a company, its staff and their total knowledge. It can include its relationships (relationship capital), its staff (human capital) and what is left when staff go home (str
Intellectual capital - the commitment and competence of workers - is embedded in how each employee thinks about and does work and in how an organization creates policies and systems to get work done. It has become a critical issue for six reasons5: First,
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intellectual capital: Collective knowledge (whether or not documented) of the individuals in an organization or society. This knowledge can be used to produce wealth, multiply output of physical assets, gain competitive advantage, and/or to enhance value ..
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Definition of intellectual capital rating: A method of measuring intellectual capital of a company in addition to balance sheet assets to consider possible approaches ... ..
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